On Wagner

Ihave been devouring the past few days at night a lecture series on the music of "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/wagner" Wagner It’s a very good, interesting lecture series by Prof. Robert Greenberg. Wagner was an absolute bastard. He wanted so much to be somebody during his lifetime but didn’t get anywhere. He was constantly in debt and often [...]

Meerkat again

Well i am out here again to promote yet another meekest. At 8pm local time I will be live with songs and stuff. But there’s one problem I am supposedly in America. I’m not. I’m in New Zealand where the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Summer at last!

I’ll be concertising!

Well the technology has come at last. The musician can give a concert from wherever they please. I’ll be trying it out on Saturday morning at 9am local time here in New Zealand. Hell- you can watch the show for free or pay something i don’t care. Check it out on Concert Window See you [...]

I’m Doing a Meerkast

Hello everybody! It’s great to be back writing to you all here on WordPress. I’d like to tell you about something special and cool! i am doing a meerkat broadcast [meerkast] tonight. It’s a lecture and some music about a great new improvisational programme out of Australia. To find out what it’s all about see [...]

My Favourite Songs

So i was reading this news story today that was a listing o the top 20 Leonard Cohen songs and people’s reminiscencs about them. Such is the inspiration for writing this post. i have included links to YouTube videos if available. 1 Send in the Clowns by Stephen Sondheim Judy Collins is the singer in [...]