New Year and planning

Well it's 2021 and I hope all's going well with you and yours.   Teaching has recommenced with the school year here in New Zealand. I have slots available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings and look forward to seeing new and old faces.   Re COVID-19 - it's a very interesting time we live [...]

News Personal and professional

I have been so busy lately that I have not been a regular presence on any social network or blog. I'm still here, yes yes, I'm here... as the sondheim song says. I continue to work for AUT as an electronic notetaker 2-3 days a week. This makes me a little money but, more importantly, [...]

I’m spinning records for love!

Hey all-I am officially an internet DJ spinning records for love. My show is on MushroomFM on Friday at 5pm in New Zealand. That’s Thursday 11pm ET in the US. I hope you will tune in and check me out. I have never done a radio show by myself before. I used to make recordings [...]

News Is Depressing

Well I haven’t blogged in a while but some folks in Canada and other places are telling me they’re out and they want more. So guys, here it is! Judy Collins who is my idle says she likes my cover of her song, Big Sur which I have put as an audio-only clip on YouTube. [...]

Newsy Post

I am reading Eleanor Catton’s The Rehearsal — her first novel. It is much more listenable than The Luminaries. in other news, I am doing a big archiving project that is taking much of my time. I am digitising my whole childhood of reading from Cassettes. It was a very English childhood of reading with some American [...]

Throwback Websites and other news

Was reading in the Herald today about some old websites that are still around. Funny thing is most of them I used to go on — geocities, MySpace, LiveJournal. And I have heard of most of the others. Interestingly most of them survive in Asia or Russia. In other news, the studio goes well — got to post a [...]