More Stuff

Today helped Leeanne set up a wordpress blog. Hopefully we’ll see something from her soon. There have been lots of fireworks around here. Guy Fawkes was on the 5th of this month and folks are still letting them off tonight. have been reading a lot of books. The most interesting one is called When the [...]

News Is Depressing

Well I haven’t blogged in a while but some folks in Canada and other places are telling me they’re out and they want more. So guys, here it is! Judy Collins who is my idle says she likes my cover of her song, Big Sur which I have put as an audio-only clip on YouTube. [...]

Just Stuff

Music of Poulenc pounds around me as I write this blog this morning. Poulenc is weirdly beautiful. I am in the process of applying to be a Simply Music teacher more on that later. The method was developed in Australia and has students playing great sounding pieces from there first lessons. Have been thinking of [...]