GoPro Experiment Part 2

Now the time has come to report on the GoPro experiment. Some of my friends have been eagerly awaiting me to write about this . It has taken so long just because of life things getting in the way. When I decided I was going to buy an action camera there wasn't much about blind [...]

GoPro Experiment

so I want to find the most accessible, versatile camera set up I can. I have two cameras — a GoPro and a samsung one that I forget the specs on. I also have my iPhone. This week I am going to experiment with the GoPro iPhone combination as a totally blind person. I was very excited [...]

Selfie sticks are banned — wtf?

Fuck — what happened to the selfie stick? I read in the herald that the palais de Versailles has banned selfie sticks. The Louvre, also inParis, hasn’t but is reviewing its photography policy constantly. I was saddened to hear this. I got a selfie stick for my birthday and find it vuseful. I also have a tripod [...]

Some Events

Got a little crazy with thefreeddove tonight. Was taking “selfies of myself” — well duh, of course a selfie is of oneself. See, it was my birthday on Monday and I got a selfie stick from my dad. Dad thinks the stick is very cool as you can bluetooth it to a smartphone and take photos. Hence [...]

Elusive iPhoto

I have spent the past two days grappling with iPhoto. iPhoto is very good on the whole — gives lots of feedback with VoiceOver. But, there’s always a but, the exporting capabilities don’t talk so well — not as well as they could. They did talk before so I grappled with my Mac. They didn’t talk to me. Then… [...]