A Brief Report

Well after months of absence I am pleased to say I am still here. I have 3 voluntary jobs — one is the FMU I have done it for years, the other is with RYAN [Refugee Youth Action network] and the third is the role I have held for many years on the Blind Citizens local committee. [...]

What’s Happening?

I am dressing up my Wordpress site which everybody says already looks quite stylish. Mostly I am discovering new folks to follow. In other news, I am recording songs. One of them, White Wings I have put on You Tube. I am also listening a lot to the work of Stan Rogers and hope to [...]

More Stuff

Today helped Leeanne set up a wordpress blog. Hopefully we’ll see something from her soon. There have been lots of fireworks around here. Guy Fawkes was on the 5th of this month and folks are still letting them off tonight. have been reading a lot of books. The most interesting one is called When the [...]

Stupid TV and Stuff

Hello to all on tumblr-That’s a sign I really have nothing to say when I start with that. For isn’t a blog s’posed to be a column? A column doesn’t have hellos in it, does it? I am rather busy teaching piano and . training to get better. Interestingly this month, June 2014, is audio Month [...]

What’s been happening?

I have some great news!I have 5 piano students and all are progressing okay. This month of June is AudioMo over on audio boo — a bunch of people posting audioblogs for month every day. I decided to do it this year and am in a day late. In other news Di Brown, my friend from up [...]

Britten, Writing and other peculiarities

This year, 213, is the centenary of the birth of the greatest composer in England since Purcell. I am talking about Benjamin Britten, that eccentric, homosexual with a liking for young boys. Many famous musicians have compared his house in his final years to a school. But Britten was far more creative than that. He [...]

Just Stuff

Music of Poulenc pounds around me as I write this blog this morning. Poulenc is weirdly beautiful. I am in the process of applying to be a Simply Music teacher more on that later. The method was developed in Australia and has students playing great sounding pieces from there first lessons. Have been thinking of [...]

Where have I been all this time?

Dear Readers,You may ask where I have been. Here’s a small sample. Reading The Man who Broke in to Auschwitz Peaches for Monsuier La Curate: Chocolat Book III A Land mMore Kind Than Home Uni Writing portfolio for co-op and study for exam on November 2. Listeng to Bryn Terfel — The Vagabond and Other Songs of [...]