IPad Issues — Virus maybe?

Well recently I have been mucking around with website building on the iPad. I have been looking up all kinds of stuff to do with web design on my Mac. Yesterday my Mac caught a virus, Bankworm, which I managed to remove. But now my iPad is acting strange. I was trying to do something with [...]

Check 1 2

I am writing this with dictation. It’s great I can just talk to my computer! I have new shoes and will travel. Yesterday I went to the library as I always do. I found some cool, interesting things. I just saw an interesting article which said you can enable a “hey Siri” function on your [...]

Talking Braille

I wanna talk about Braille! It’s so cool that us blind folks can write in Braille on iThings and on computers with external displays. Wouldn’t it be cooler if we could write braille directly on such devices? Applehas already started the work by making braille built-in to their IOS platform. I dream of the day [...]

My Eventful Day Yesterday

Well I had an eventful day yesterday — an eventful week really. On Tuesday my trusty old MacBook pro died. Spent a lot of time on the phone with Apple trying to fix it but it was dead. So now I have a new computer — a MacBook air, so much faster than my old pro, just a better [...]

IOS 8 Impressions

So it’s another update to IOS for another year. Some of it’s cool and some of it’s crappy. I like some of the cool ideas and features [“Hey Siri” anybody?] but there a lot of bugs. I updated knowing about the bugs. When I updated the phone started speaking different languages as it always does [...]

iMovie and some other Stuff

There is not much happening around here. I am going north tomorrow for a brief retreat — back Saturday. But that’s not what I came to talk about. I cameo talk about iMovie for IOS. It’s so cool. It’s so accessible. I can make a movie by myself with minimal help from somebody. Check out this effort [...]

Elusive iPhoto

I have spent the past two days grappling with iPhoto. iPhoto is very good on the whole — gives lots of feedback with VoiceOver. But, there’s always a but, the exporting capabilities don’t talk so well — not as well as they could. They did talk before so I grappled with my Mac. They didn’t talk to me. Then… [...]