My Digitisation project

I Have talked here before about my digitisation project and the software I use to make it possible. I recently took this up again. I have imported all my CD audiobooks on to my Mac. It is amazing to me that I read so much trash when I was younger. Now I read mostly nonfiction. [...]

Selfies At Work

So I was searching for something to read the other day. Went to Whitcouls to look through their best sellers intending to buy one online but they were all old ones — Hunger Games, Harry Potter…, Tuesdays with Morrie. So I went to Audible .com and started to look for new books by my faves or ones whose [...]

Newsy Post

I am reading Eleanor Catton’s The Rehearsal — her first novel. It is much more listenable than The Luminaries. in other news, I am doing a big archiving project that is taking much of my time. I am digitising my whole childhood of reading from Cassettes. It was a very English childhood of reading with some American [...]

What’s up, again?

Well you will all notice I have been doing a lot on tumblr the past few days dressing it differently and adding new things. It has been hard work doing this as the site is not fully accessible. I have needed some eyes on occasion. I notice I haven’t told you anything about what I [...]

How I Read Books These Days

There are many options open to the blind to read books these days. Even as early as 15 years ago there were not so many. I remember desperately wanting to read something and having it read to me by somebody. But now all has changed. There are quite a few options for the blind to [...]

Reading for January

So it is that time again. No, not my period, the time I come here each month and tell you what I’ve been reading. Legends of Esidura: Jubilee’s Saga — i forget the author but it was a nice fantasy for kids. Benjamin Britten: A life in the 20th Century — bio of the English composer White Boots — a children’s [...]

Reading for November

I do love books so much. I read avidly. Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and The Telleisson Murders William R. Drennan The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood by Various top Atwood critics That’s about it I think. I am feeling very spiritually awake at the moment. Am gaining insights as I have [...]