GoPro Experiment

so I want to find the most accessible, versatile camera set up I can. I have two cameras — a GoPro and a samsung one that I forget the specs on. I also have my iPhone. This week I am going to experiment with the GoPro iPhone combination as a totally blind person. I was very excited [...]

It’s Almost here — an accessible Camera!

It’s almost here! an accessible camera for the blind. And it comes in a product that lots of people use — the iPhone. With the iPhone’s built-in screenreader technology, VoiceOver, and a little app, the talking camera is here! Here’s the story. The iPhone camera is accessible and it’s quite a good one — has 8 megapixels on the [...]

Tap Tap See is Charging!

I read on Twitter this morning that has had to turn itself in to a subscription service. I love this thing! It is sooooooo cool! with a blind person can take their own pictures and the app identifies them. Of course it’s not just the app. It’s a programmer and a server and sometimes it’s [...]