Drones and Stuff

Yesterday went to buy an sd card reader for my Mac which, alas, doesn’t have an sd slot. $12 later I had one but I also found out some interesting stuff while in JB HiFi. Kelly, one of their tech assistants, who calls me Margaret when my name is Mara showed me the drones. Yeah, [...]

I’m going north!

As I write this I am heading to Northland to spend a few days with my friends, Collin and Di brown. Intercity Northliner finally has WiFi on the bus so I am using it to publish this blog post. In other news I am learning the repertoire for level 4 of the SM programme. my [...]

What? Buffer?

Interesting, I was reading this book, “The Art of Social media” author forgotten. But it talks about some interesting apps. One of them is called Buffer. That’s an app that I think some folks I associate with actually need. Essentially it’s a scheduler and composer for Twitter, FaceBook and other social networks. It’s really rather [...]

markdown bullshit ?

What is Markdown? I thought this the other day so I googled it. {http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax"This document will tell you all”.} But in brief I will tell you over the next few paragraphs. the idea is simple. Let’s write the internet as we would write emails grin Incidently I am writing this using the language. Just wanted to try [...]

Interesting Things

I read on the internet two interesting ththings–actually quite a few interesting things have been emerging over the past few days. First there is the so-called “treaty for the blind” which, if ratified will give more access to books for those with print disabilities (IE blind or dyslexic or some other learning disability.) This is [...]

My Photography

I have always been interested in taking photos. When I was a little girl my Grandma had an old camera in her toy box and I would take great pleasure in pretending to shoot photos of people with it. Then when I was eleven my parents gave me a camera for my birthday- it was [...]