IPad Issues — Virus maybe?

Well recently I have been mucking around with website building on the iPad. I have been looking up all kinds of stuff to do with web design on my Mac. Yesterday my Mac caught a virus, Bankworm, which I managed to remove. But now my iPad is acting strange. I was trying to do something with [...]

What? Buffer?

Interesting, I was reading this book, “The Art of Social media” author forgotten. But it talks about some interesting apps. One of them is called Buffer. That’s an app that I think some folks I associate with actually need. Essentially it’s a scheduler and composer for Twitter, FaceBook and other social networks. It’s really rather [...]

Vine acting weird

I recently got back into Vine. That thing owned by twitter that lets one make video loops of between 3 and 6 seconds. I have put stuff up there before and folks seem to like it. So I thought I would renew my relationship with Vine. That’s all fine until it starts acting a little [...]

My Eventful Day Yesterday

Well I had an eventful day yesterday — an eventful week really. On Tuesday my trusty old MacBook pro died. Spent a lot of time on the phone with Apple trying to fix it but it was dead. So now I have a new computer — a MacBook air, so much faster than my old pro, just a better [...]


Many of you will have seen my ramblings on Twitter about IOS 8 and OS 10 Yosemite. There are many bugs but there are also many highlights. And I did BUY IT — the KNFBReader. It works as advertised which is brilliant. I do love it so much. It is so useful. Also my struggles with GarageBand [...]

Braille In IOS 8

Just had to blog and say hhow cool I think Braille screen input is in IOS 8. It’s a very promising start. The editing functionality some braille users have come to love in mBraille will come slowly. One glitch with the built-in braille is that it doesn’t work with all the apps especially blogsy. Blogsy [...]

On Flipboard

I discovered something cool yesterday while I was looking for a Tumblr app. It’s called flipboard. The description on the App Store says it is your own personal magazine and that’s about right. It works by adding content you choose to little magazines. But the thing I like most about it is that you can [...]


Well I have been thinking a few things today* Should I add Google Analytics to this blog? Yes, but I can’t find where to add the site to my account.* Should I change my tumblr theme? I think it’s time. People say the old one, bus full of hippies, is cool. But I think I [...]

markdown bullshit ?

What is Markdown? I thought this the other day so I googled it. {http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax"This document will tell you all”.} But in brief I will tell you over the next few paragraphs. the idea is simple. Let’s write the internet as we would write emails grin Incidently I am writing this using the language. Just wanted to try [...]