Be My Eyes

I have just got a new computer, another Mac from Apple. I spent the past few days setting it up. This is run of the mill stuff — I migrated all my content over from my old Mac. But there were some messages that VoiceOver, the built-in screenreader that comes with Mac OS wouldn’t read. This post [...]

IPad Issues — Virus maybe?

Well recently I have been mucking around with website building on the iPad. I have been looking up all kinds of stuff to do with web design on my Mac. Yesterday my Mac caught a virus, Bankworm, which I managed to remove. But now my iPad is acting strange. I was trying to do something with [...]

Drones and Stuff

Yesterday went to buy an sd card reader for my Mac which, alas, doesn’t have an sd slot. $12 later I had one but I also found out some interesting stuff while in JB HiFi. Kelly, one of their tech assistants, who calls me Margaret when my name is Mara showed me the drones. Yeah, [...]

Meerkat again

Well i am out here again to promote yet another meekest. At 8pm local time I will be live with songs and stuff. But there’s one problem I am supposedly in America. I’m not. I’m in New Zealand where the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Summer at last!

Check 1 2

I am writing this with dictation. It’s great I can just talk to my computer! I have new shoes and will travel. Yesterday I went to the library as I always do. I found some cool, interesting things. I just saw an interesting article which said you can enable a “hey Siri” function on your [...]

Selfies At Work

So I was searching for something to read the other day. Went to Whitcouls to look through their best sellers intending to buy one online but they were all old ones — Hunger Games, Harry Potter…, Tuesdays with Morrie. So I went to Audible .com and started to look for new books by my faves or ones whose [...]

I’m Doing a Meerkast

Hello everybody! It’s great to be back writing to you all here on WordPress. I’d like to tell you about something special and cool! i am doing a meerkat broadcast [meerkast] tonight. It’s a lecture and some music about a great new improvisational programme out of Australia. To find out what it’s all about see [...]