A word on SnapChat

Last month SnapChat made itself accessible for blind people, almost. I say almost because there are 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen that are not labelled. I commend Snapchat for doing this. But let’s skip back a bit. A while back I posted on http://www.anchor.fm asking what Snapchat was. I first heard of [...]

Braille app

It seems rather cynical to write and tell you all that there is a new braille app for the iPad. Well there is. It’s called ibraille notes and is exclusively for the iPad. And I am very impressed. First off the app has backspace and new line keys. This is a plus. The premise is [...]

Braille In IOS 8

Just had to blog and say hhow cool I think Braille screen input is in IOS 8. It’s a very promising start. The editing functionality some braille users have come to love in mBraille will come slowly. One glitch with the built-in braille is that it doesn’t work with all the apps especially blogsy. Blogsy [...]

IOS 8 Impressions

So it’s another update to IOS for another year. Some of it’s cool and some of it’s crappy. I like some of the cool ideas and features [“Hey Siri” anybody?] but there a lot of bugs. I updated knowing about the bugs. When I updated the phone started speaking different languages as it always does [...]

It’s Almost here — an accessible Camera!

It’s almost here! an accessible camera for the blind. And it comes in a product that lots of people use — the iPhone. With the iPhone’s built-in screenreader technology, VoiceOver, and a little app, the talking camera is here! Here’s the story. The iPhone camera is accessible and it’s quite a good one — has 8 megapixels on the [...]

Braille All The Way!

“You’ve got to learn braille but you have to really concentrate.” So four-year-old me was told by a preschool teacher. This moment of idealism was magically caught on video. I still have the videotape [yes, it’s a REAL video!] I want to tell everybody how important Braille is in my life. When I began school [...]